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It’s been a year and a day since the M3 opened. A year and a day since Arch Demon Noel Dempsey declared that,

 “Today is one of the most historic days in the history of this county”.

Well it certainly was but not for the vain glorious reasons that Dempsey would have us believe. Helicopters hovered in the air above us and all surrounding roads and bridges were blocked, heavily manned by Gardai showing how fearful they were that a last ditch attempt by us to disrupt his vanity project would mar Noel’s historic day.

We made dignified protests, I dressed as the Grim Reaper, a warning of what this sacrilege would bring, the death of our heritage,  the death of our morals and dignity, death to an Irish Nation, death to the FF and Green Govt that allowed it to happen. I even had a coffin made with FF GREENS written across it which, along with the Reaper, made it to the RTE News that night.  They died their death alright,  in the General Election that followed and Dempsey didn’t even have the balls to run the coward, certain of defeat he bowed out. I wished death to him,  an utterly agonising one.

Other’s held banners or placards that day or were just there in support to make up the pitiful numbers of protesters that showed up. Most people who were involved in the campaign against the destruction of the sacred Tara Skryne Valley were too upset and heart broken to be there, so our little handful of protesters took the full weight of an outraged and dismayed world upon our shoulders as we watched the FF charade unfold around us.

A year and a day ago, the M3 opened and still the contract between the Irish Govt and the Toll Operators remains top secret, shrouded in secrecy because it is “sensitive”. Protecting their interests, not ours.

It was an historic day alright, one that will never be forgotten and will go down forever more in the annals of Irish history as one of the greatest shames to have ever befallen our once proud land.

Text © Carmel Ní Dhuibheanaigh, photo © Photo Irish Times, June 2010



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