Wildlife Amendment Act Section 40: Hedgerows

By January 8, 2015 at 5:38 pm

Submission to the Dept. of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht on behalf of the Tara Skryne Preservation Group regarding the Review of Wildlife Amendment Act Section 40: Hedgerows: Date: 8.1.2015.

TSPG would like to propose that the cutting of hedgerows be eliminated. We accept that there may be exceptions to this but even in the case of traffic visibility, cutting/flailing should be done only as a last resort. In most cases the strategic placing of convex mirrors would besufficient for traffic safety.

“If it must be done as a last resort, at least the outer hedge should be retained so that there will still be an intact wildlife corridor. Connectivity is all important, especially for bats who when seeking food at night will return to their nest if they come to a gap in the hedge.” www.thehedge.org

TSPG seeks to preserveas many intact hedgerows as possible as a refuge for wildlife. We also recognise and value their vital importance in aiding soil and air quality.

All around the country evidence of flailing is plain to be seen. Apart from being extremely unsightly, this practice leaves the wounded hedges open to the spread of diseases, endangering plant and animal life alike. Hedgerows should be preserved primarily for the unique habitat theyprovide and their vital contribution to environmental sustainability as well asaesthetic appeal.

The scutting of hedgerows around the boundary of the State owned lands at the Hill of Tara has been the subject of previous complaints by TSPG to the OPW but the practice continues unabated. TSPG categorically does not accept that the hedgerows are adanger to traffic visibility in this area.
We applaud the Dept. ofArts Heritage and the Gaeltacht for their action on amending the Wildlife ActSection 40 and hope that it will be done in favour of wildlife without delay.

Tara SkrynePreservation Group

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