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Template letter which you may use in order to create your own submission against the Type 1 Service Area being proposed between Junctions 4 and 7 of the M3 Motorway. Letters are to be received at the following address by 5th Nov- get your skates on and register your letter asap. Thank you.


To: Garry Turley, Halcrow Barry, Units 5 and 6 Classon House, Dundrum Business Park, Dublin 14.

Submission TII

It is with great concern that the Tara Skryne Preservation Group makes this submission on the proposal of a Type 1 Service Area between Junctions 4 and 7 of the M3 Motorway.

As reported in the Irish Independent on 30th Oct this year, the M3 Motorway is a loss making concern which has cost the State €9.4m in payments made to Eurolink under the traffic guarantee clause, including over €3m for this year to date. With this information in mind, what justification can there possibly be to warrant a Type 1 Service Area at any of the sites being considered in the proposal which was presented at the Public Consultation Meeting in Dunsaughlin on 22nd Oct?

We were unaware that any such Public Consultation Meeting had taken place, despite being legally recognised stakeholders in the area. We note that information on the locations being considered was not published on Meath County Council’s website for a whole week after the Public Consultation Meeting occurred, leaving insufficient time for informed consideration of the impact such a proposal would make on the landscape.

The Tara Skryne Valley is an area of sensitive archaeological concern as well as other significant constraints, making it imperative that any such proposals be met with vehement opposition.

The area of most concern to TSPG is that of the Tara Skryne Valley from Fairyhouse to north of Blundelstown interchange. Any auxillary development in this landscape, including any type of Service Area, is and will be opposed by TSPG.

We formally request that we be directly contacted by Transport Infrastructure Ireland, and in a timely manner, with any updates regarding this proposed M3 development.

Carmel Diviney

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