The Wrath of the Gods by Kyrie Murray

By July 27, 2014 at 10:05 am

The locals now are sickened
And all gather now to view,
The devastation wreaked upon
Their sacred fort Rath Lugh.

It’s ground disturbed and trees cut down,
They dug up its stones and sods.
And local superstition says
They evoked the wrath of the Gods.

A new motorway is badly needed,
But this is not the way,
To cross burial grounds and Sacred mounds
For this new M3 Motorway.

Now stop this desecration
Or catastrophes may loom,
Also respect your workers
Dont send them to their doom.

Ignore these superstitions
And perhaps that day you’ll rue.
You excavated the outer circle
Of this ancient fort Rath Lugh.

© Kyrie Murray


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