Tara: Horse Chestnut Tree Disease

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In October 2012, I received a phone call from John Farrelly telling me about an article in the Irish Times stating that the Govt has finally recognised the seriousness of the problem. It was largely thanks to John’s consistent efforts that they have finally done so and I pass on this email from him today in acknowledgement of his tireless work in sending samples for analysis from places like Tara, St Anne’s etc. He asks me to take a bow too but it is only a weeny one as driving around is easy and a pleasure. John was the real worker here.


“Please read this and if possible pass it on. Please post it up and pass it on.  It’s a short Irish Times article on the disease that is killing our Chestnut trees. The figures for the infected trees are way out; way too low. I reckon just by watching them, that almost all are now infected and many have died and were removed. The conclusions in this article are mild too. I believe that this bacteria, will mutate as most do, and then infect many of our other great trees like Oaks, Beech and Ash; all of which are in trouble anyway. I also believe that if we keep our borders open, as we are being told to do; open for the sake of economic trade, then we look set to lose and destroy ten millennia of plant evolution here. I take a small bow here too; it was me that forced our cancerous government to admit this disease was here, after years of denial. I sent samples to the plant Pathology Institute of English Forestry and they certified that the disease was present. Carmel Diviney drove me about and helped me gather the samples, we then prayed for the trees together; so take a bow too Carmel.”



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