Tara Four by Kyrie Murray

By July 27, 2014 at 10:15 am

His mandolin lies silent now
In his tent on Tara Hill
But Robert holds his head up high
In his cell in Cloverhill.

The summer rain falls heavy now
At the camp site on Rath Lugh
And Dan Malone is not about
To play his didgeridoo.

A crowd stands at a vacant spot
And asks “Where’s JP Fay
And why’s his info trailer
Now being towed away?”.

Andrew Rowlings is badly missed
This protester was really good
And people really feel his loss
At the camp in Tara wood.

Well they are all men of principle
And they havn’t got a flaw
But saving Tara’s sacred site
Is now against the Law.

Now today they stand together
But it’s not to get a trophy,
They have come to this fine courthouse
To face the wrath of Brophy.

Well this Judge was in a bad mood
Saying “Ye deserve a fine
Under the Act for Public Order
And section five and nine.

Keep away from this new motorway
Or ye will all go back to jail,
Now put your signature on a bond
And I’ll let you out on bail.

Break this bond and you’ll go back,
Now all of this remember
Otherwise I’ll see you here
On the fifth day of September”.

Well September fifth came so fast
And they all tried to look sober
And their case was finally adjourned
To the twenty fourth day of October.

© Kyrie Murray

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