We welcome any support you can offer be it in person as a volunteer at any of the sites we monitor or through a financial donation.  We also need your support on our social media pages at Facebook and Twitter as it’s here we first make our announcements and where we seek initial support.


Volunteer Work

If you’re considering some volunteer work, this is usually hands on and an example might involve cleaning a holy well that’s become stagnant and clogged.  Working as part of a team you will help improve the well’s condition and perhaps tidy up the surrounding area.  Some physical work may be involved (not too strenuous) and there is a great opportunity to learn things, meet some great people and feel a sense of achievement at contributing to the protection and preservation of Ireland’s heritage.  Often children are welcome and it’s a great opportunity to teach them history, mythology, geography, folklore and the purpose of the tasks being done.


Financial Donation

Our coffers are currently bare and Committee members are meeting costs from their own pockets.  At the recent clean-up of the Fairy Trees at Tara on 27 July 2014, the insurance cost alone was €200 so we urgently need funds.  For everyone who makes an annual donation of €10 (US$14/£8.50) or more, you will automatically become a Friend of TSPG and we will send you two newsletters a year with a review of our work.  Your donation will help us with field work and to raise public awareness; it will allow us to launch objections to inappropriate planning applications and fund legal challenges; and it will contribute to our ongoing administration costs as we continue to actively monitor the Tara Skryne Valley landscape and endeavour to protect and preserve it for future generations


Facebook & Twitter

Please support us on Facebook and Twitter and when we post of events, concerns or actions we need to take, it would help us immensely if you would like, share and tweet about it.  Social media is so powerful and quick, and your actions can make all the difference in raising awareness so that something becomes a success rather than a failure.


Thank you.