Freedom by Kyrie Murray

By July 27, 2014 at 10:02 am

So we all love Tara
But she’ll never be the same
Because they destroyed her Valley
And they did it in our name.

Where are now the Fianna graves?
They have destroyed them all.
Bertie hang your head in shame
And all ye in Fianna Fail.

Our Vigil tried to save them
And the Woodhenge and Rath Lugh,
But our enemy were many
And we were but a few.

Where were the OPW
When our Valley was destroyed?
These “Guardians” of our monuments
They should have been annoyed.

You may ask did they not do their job?
Or just “What did they do”?
Well! They employed NRA Security
And they attacked us too.

Because they betrayed old Tara
They are all no good,
Tara is the heart of Ireland
And is stained with Croppy’s blood.

Great men died for Ireland
So that we could all be free,
Free to destroy Tara
And free to join the EEC.

So we will give away our country
Without bloodshed cuts or scars,
And stand beneath that blue rag
And be one of it’s stars.

A small fish in a big pond
And no money in our purse,
But we deserve no better
Because we’re damned by Tara’s Curse.

So go on then and join Europe
Go on and be a fool,
And your kids will fight forever
To gain again Home Rule!

© Kyrie Murray


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